When do applications open?

For the Challenge track, you will be able to self enroll and start your learning journey at any time. There are no applications for this track. However, for the Professional and Advanced tracks, applications will open on the 19th of May. 

Are there any fees I should pay to apply?

No, there are no fees required.

What is the difference between a track and a specialization?

The track is the path you choose for your journey and it reflects the level of advancement of the technical content. The tracks currently are Challenge, Professional and Advanced.  specialization is the field you choose to study inside your track.The specializations currently available are Web, Data and Digital Marketing.

Can I apply if I am not Egyptian?

Kindly note that this scholarship program is currently for Egyptian citizens only.

How will I know if I am accepted?

For the Challenge track, you will be able to start your learning journey once you self enroll. For the Professional and Advanced tracks, an email will be sent to you notifying you with an update on your application status.

Can I delete/edit my application after submitting it?

You can edit your application through your classroom as long as the deadline did not pass. However, please note that you can not delete your application.

Can I enroll/apply for more than one specialization at the same time?

We strongly recommend that you enroll/apply for only one specialization that you think most suits your skills. For the Challenge and the Professional tracks, you may enroll/apply for more than one specialization. However, for the Advanced track, you are not allowed to apply for multiple specializations at the same time.


Is there a specific start date?

For the Challenge track, you will start immediately after enrolling. For the Professional and Advanced tracks, further details will be provided in the acceptance email if you are accepted to the program.

I have been enrolled in the program, how can I access my classroom and content?

You can access your content by logging in to your classroom from here.

Can I change the track or the specialization after getting enrolled?

Unfortunately, once you are enrolled you cannot change your track or your specialization.

Is there a specific time I should study at?

You can study at any time that is suitable to you as long as you do not exceed the deadline of your track. 

Will I have access to the material after I complete my track successfully?

Yes, you will have static access to the content after successfully completing your track(s). However, please note that learners in the Professional and Advanced tracks will lose access to the content if they fail to finish within the tracks’ deadlines or if they have been revoked for not making sufficient progress.

Will you provide me with a laptop to use in the program?

No, all learners are required to use their own laptops or PC devices in the program. Also, please make sure you have stable internet connectivity to be able to login to your classroom and progress in your track.

Can I withdraw/postpone the program after getting enrolled?

Unfortunately, there are no withdrawal or postponing options.

Can I change my email address during the program?

You should maintain the email address you enrolled in the program for the duration of your track in order to maintain eligibility.

Do I get a certificate after finishing my track?

Yes, after you complete all the requirements of your track, you will receive a certificate indicating that you have finished your track successfully.

Can I re-apply if I was not able to complete my track?

Unfortunately, if you got revoked due to lack of progress or were unable to complete your track by the specified deadline, you will not be eligible to apply again in the program.




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