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The Future of Work is Digital Initiative

As the world moves forward and copes with the challenging onset of the Coronavirus pandemic that has affected and is still affecting all industries, the future of digital as an efficient and reliable work environment is gaining momentum and becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. In 2020, the global population took to video conferencing applications and remote communication services for its work and social life as it shifted most of its daily activities online in order to curb the impact of COVID-19, witnessing a pivotal change in how the world adapts to a ‘new normal. https://sharksinfo.com/

In light of this radical global change and in line with the ongoing digital transformation occurring in Egypt, Future Work is Digital (egFWD) was established as an initiative by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in collaboration with Udacity, an educational organization that offers massive open online tech courses (MOOCs) and the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) to empower 100,000 Egyptian youth and provide free courses for eLearning, skills training and work opportunities in three distinct specializations; Web Development, Data Analysis, and Digital Marketing. 

So what can graduates expect in terms of global opportunities after obtaining their certificate from egFWD? 

First things first, choosing a suitable specialization that matches your needs is crucial, and egFWD offers four different tracks to select from upon choosing to learn either Web Development, Data Analysis, or Digital Marketing. These tracks offer various advancement levels to master the industry-relevant skills and knowledge required to thrive in the selected fields, and each has a specified duration that students should adhere to. The current tracks available are Challenger (5 Weeks), Professional (2 Months), Advanced (3 Months), and Experts (3 Months)

During their learning period, the aspiring youth and young professionals are continuously exposed to a high-spirited community of thousands of talented, like-minded individuals that are passionate about making the world of tomorrow a better place. Powered by a quality curriculum filled with valuable state-of-the-art technology content that was co-created by a multitude of top industry professionals, Udacity’s Nanodegree programs provide a robust and engaging medium to deliver practical knowledge and nurture highly employable skill sets in a digital classroom environment through its global leading technology partners.

Graduates from egFWD’s free online certificates that seek international opportunities can rest assured that their certificates are certified by Udacity and unlock limitless employment potential in the world’s technical and freelancing markets. Udacity is recognized for its cutting-edge programs and quality content, being acknowledged by the top global technology companies such as Google, Facebook, WordPress, Kaggle, Python, and HubSpot.

Learners can expect to be fully equipped with the tools and skills needed to effectively participate and compete for a variety of job opportunities offered by key online marketplaces, such as Freelancer.com, Mostaql.com, Upwork.com, PeoplePerHour.com, Guru.com, Toptal.com, Maharati.com, and Khamsat.com.  

With free access to online hands-on projects, answers to real-world problems, and top-notch upskilling programs, egFWD is proud to educate and empower the Egyptian youth and currently houses more than 100,000 eager learners that are working on more than 65,000 hands-on-projects across more than 5,700,000 upskilling hours, with a mission to create the talented and knowledgeable Egyptian leading workforce of the future.  

Remember: the learners of today are the freelancers & digital workers of tomorrow!