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Become a Software Tester Guru

You are now taking one last step into becoming a professional SW tester with what you are about to learn, starting from mastering API testing with hands-on database fundamentals to mobile application testing with all the required tips and tricks to make you excel in the testing field.

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Estimated Duration

8 weeks of training:

  • 6 weeks of Technical training

  • 2 weeks of Professional training

Qualifying for

This course is qualifying you to work as

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This course will qualify you to work as:

  1. Junior SW Tester
  2. Quality Assurance SW Engineer
  3. SW Development Engineer in Testing (SDET)
  • Junior SW Tester

  • Quality Assurance SW Engineer

  • SW Development Engineer in Testing (SDET)

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September 2024

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You should meet the following criteria:

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  1. Good command of English
  2. Excellent problem-solving skills
  3. Good knowledge of any programming language
  4. Good knowledge of the concepts of SW testing
  • Good command of English

  • Excellent problem-solving skills

  • Good knowledge of any programming language

  • Good knowledge of the concepts of SW testing

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What You will learn?

Advanced Java

By the end of this part, you will be able to:

  • dig deeper and deeper into using Java programming language by learning Nested Classes and Enumerations, Anonymous Inner Classes and Lambda Expressions till Collections Streams, and Filters and JDBC

Backend Testing

By the end of this part, you will be able to:

  • do backend testing with great understanding of API testing in order to obtain a high quality software which is what insures a smooth flow in a SW

Database Fundamentals

By the end of this part, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different types of database models and data modeling, how to use Oracle SQL to master data modeling, and finally test your database.

Mobile Application Testing

By the end of this part, you will be able to:

  • Gain full awareness on how to test your mobile application, with knowledge of mobile analysis data, mobile devices types and their architecture, challenges and risks in mobile application testing.

Test Analyst - ISTQB

By the end of this part, you will be able to:

  • Perform the appropriate testing activities based on the software development lifecycle, produce good quality test design, leading to improving the efficiency of the test process.

Why Agile?

Identify the importance of the Agile in the tech fields

Agile vs Traditional Management

Compare Agile versus the more traditional Waterfall approach to product development

Extra Training of

Agile Management

Agile Planning

Compare, Evaluate and Contrast Scrum, Kanban, and XP

Build and Evolve Agile Teams

Identify an Agile team’s core roles, optimal size, structure, and cross-functional skills

Extra Training of

Digital Freelancing Skills

You’ll master the skills necessary to become a successful digital freelancer. Learn how to market your services to clients, scope projects and manage client relationships

Fundamentals of Digital Freelancing

Managing Projects

Negotiate a Project Scope and a Pricing Framework

Developing Your Website

Building a Professional Social Media Presence

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Resume Review

Get a detailed resume review from an industry professional.

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Program Success Stories

Jirar Kamel
Data Analysis Graduate (Challenger & Professional)
Ahmed El-Saddek
Data Analysis Graduate (Advanced & Expert)
Mina Makram
Web Development Graduate (Professional Track)
Abdelrahman Magdy
Freelancer – Web Development Graduate (Professional & Advanced)
Ahmed Gharib
Data Analysis Graduate (Challenger & Professional & Advanced)
Mohamed Samir
Digital Marketing Graduate (Advanced Track)
Maha Zanaty
Digital Marketing Graduate (Advanced Track)
Mohamed Mahmoud
Web & Digital Marketing Graduate (Challenger – Professional)

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